Breastfeeding Services

UH WIC promotes breastfeeding as the healthiest way to feed your baby. More than 80% of new mothers breastfeed for some length of time because of the benefits it provides.

Benefits for Baby:

  • Decreases risk for ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory infections Easier to digest

  • Less allergies

  • Reduces the risk for SIDS

  • Higher IQ

  • Decreases risk for childhood obesity

Benefits for Mom:

  • Saves time and money

  • Faster return to pre-pregnancy weight

  • Decreases risk for ovarian and breast cancer

  • Saves on healthcare costs

  • Less time off work for sick babies

  • Creates a strong mother/child bond

Breastfeeding Services

“Nothing can compare to holding your baby, heart to heart, knowing you are supplying their every need with a single embrace.” – Jenn, BFPC Lakewood

Breastfeeding Services

As a Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic, we provide the breastfeeding education, encouragement, and support our moms need to breastfeed successfully. Our Nutrition staff and Breastfeeding Peer Counselors are here to help you reach your goals!

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